Monday, July 21, 2014

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGS!!!! + My Secret Buffalo Sauce Recipe! SHHH!


Yes, these wings are sooooooooo pretty!!! And they taste pretty too. LOL!!! Wings, Americas best appetizer. Believe it or not I wasn't really into wings until I met my husband. He loves wings. Well he loves chicken PERIOD! Buying wings can be expensive so I started making my own. I tried deep frying them...Eh, too messy. I hate dealing with all that oil and the sticky/messy clean up afterwords! So, I tried baking them and cooking it to where they taste just like they were fried and boooooooooooooy, its so good!

Today, I made some wings. I bought the frozen wing pieces from Food Lion. 2.5 lbs for a little less than 7 bucks. I thought that was a good deal. So, knowing my husband and his love for wings I bought 3 bags LOL, don't judge us! Well my kids, especially my son Kenny loves to eat wings. Funny story he loves him some bone in wings. He isn't a tender type of guy. He don't like boneless wings either. But lets get to my wings recipe which is soooooooo simple!!!


Okay to the left are mild buffalo wings. I bought those McCormick seasoning packets. So simple. 1 packet for 2 lbs of chicken wings. Shake it up and then bake! So easy! And to the right is my regular baked chicken. So what I do is put the chicken wings in a bowl. Season it up with the following....

McCormick Montreal Chicken Seasoning
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Seasoning Salt

Season to your liking.

I also added some chopped up garlic on the chicken after putting it on a foiled lined baking dish placing the chicken meat side down first. I love me some garlic =) Bake these babies at 450 degrees for 45 minutes. After 20 minutes of baking flip the wings over. When its down I like to broil them until I get that crispy skin a nice brown color. And bammm! You're done! Chicken is moist with the crispiest skin as if it was deep fried! 

Garlic Parmesan Wings

Now, this is my very first time making these bad boys and they were a hit for my family. Simple, all you need is 2 ingredients. Parmesan + Garlic Powder. I didn't measure anything. I had put 10 wings in a bowl. Covered it with Parmesan and put some garlic powder and mix. You want to do this as soon as the wings come out the oven. You want the natural juices/oils of the chicken to help coat the parm and garlic powder. 


Crisel's Secret Buffalo Wing Sauce

I can't honestly say where I got this recipe from. I think I got it from the Food Network Channel but I tweaked it to my liking. My all time fav hot sauce...TEXAS PETE!!! Yummy!! Things you will need. 

Hot Sauce (Texas Pete)
a Garlic clove; chopped
brown sugar

Again, no measurements sorry but this is how I make it. In a medium size sauce pan shake enough sauce to cover the bottom of the pan. Turn the heat on medium/low heat. After it starts to become fragrant add chopped garlic. Let it cook until it smells so yummy LOL. Then, add butter. The more butter the less spicier your sauce will be. Mix til everything is incorporated. Then, add vinegar. Not a lot. Do it but TBS and taste to how you like it. Some may leave the vinegar out. Then add the brown sugar and keep mixing til its dissolved. There it is. So after baking the wings let it cool for 5-6 minutes and then pour that sauce over the chicken in a mixing bowl and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE what ya mama gave you! 

There it is. My baked wings recipe, Garlic Parm seasoned wings, and my special buffalo wings sauce. Hope yall enjoyed this. Have any question, please comment below. Thanks for reading yall. 


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finger Lickin' Bone Fallin' BBQ Ribs

Hey Everyone...Just wanted to share a recipe that I have done twice and I NEEDED to share this recipe with you. Sorry, I don't have any pics to go with this post because I was in a rush and this recipe is soooooo very simple. I don't think ill ever use any other recipe for my bbq ribs EVAAAA!!!

Things You'll Need
A slab of ribs (I used baby back ribs)
1 cup or more of BBQ sauce (I used Jack Daniels original recipe)
and seasoning of your choice..I used
 McCormicks Grill Masters Montreal Steak Seasoning
Season Salt
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder

Preheat oven to 225 degrees. First season the ribs meat side first then turn it over and season the back. Cover with foil and slow bake for 6 hrs. When it's done uncover, turn ribs careful the meat will fall off the bones =) and pour BBQ sauce on ribs and baked uncover for 30 more mins. If you like that real grilled taste broil it for 3 minutes and BAMMMM tasty...finger lickin' bone fallin' bbq baby back ribs =) Enjoy